iTraceNet is a digital platform which helps the Supply Chain business user to understand about the packages being shipped and reconciles the data with the business centric application. This platform allows completely online and digital Reporting.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Separate Desktop, Tablet Interfaces
  • Workflow-based approval process
  • Quick Reports


  • API-based integration options
  • File-based interface for offline customers
  • FTP-based data processing options
  • EDI


  • Define own permission levels
  • Configurable Org. level settings
  • Configurable Features
  • Configurable Alerts & Notifications


  • Microservices Architecture
  • Cluster Enabled
  • Round robin-based load balancing
  • Dedicated infrastructure for each computing engine


  • One-click document share option for quick reconciliation
  • Notifications/emails to counterparty upon action
  • Create guest users for quick vendor participation etc.,
  • Dedicated APIs for collaboration from ERP systems


  • SSL-based communications & Role-based access restrictions
  • Complied with International EDI standards
  • Decoupled and Encrypted Data Model
  • PCI Compliance Data Center & data resides as per customer region